Iraqi Council of Ministers: Security forces shall adhere to human rights


Shafaq News/ The Ministerial Council for National Security discussed today the situation in Sinjar district and measures to maintain security and stability in it.

The Media Office of the Prime Minister said in a statement that the Ministerial Council for National Security held today a session to discuss the demonstrations in Dhi Qar, Najaf and al-Diwaniyah. The council commended and stressed PM al-Kadhimi's instructions preventing violence against the demonstrators.

"Al-Kadhimi ordered the Joint Operations Command to investigate and take legal measures against anyone who violates the instructions," the statement said, noting that it was decided, during the meeting, to assign the Minister of Interior to follow up on the demonstrations issue and make sure of the security forces' commitment to human rights.

The meeting discussed training members of the security services to handle legal and humanitarian cases, benefiting from international organizations and experiences in this field, as well as the security plans to pursue terrorist remnants and enhance the intelligence effort.

The statement pointed that the meeting discussed the developments in the Sinjar district, and the necessary measures to maintain security and stability in it.

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