Iraq will not go back to consensus, a self-proclaimed advisor of al-Sadr says


Shafaq News/ A self-proclaimed advisor of Muqtada al-Sadr on Saturday said that the Sadrist movement's leader resolutely rejects any political settlement that involves "consensus" and "joining hands with corrupt people".

"Our leader has sworn that he would not join hands with corrupt people," Mohammad Saleh Al-Iraqi said in a post on Facebook, "Iraq will not go back to consensus whatsoever."

Al-Iraqi, who identifies himself as "the leader's advisor" ascribed al-Sadr's pull out from the political scene as "the withdrawal of the victor" and "a step toward saving the homeland."

"The withdrawal will unveil the true face of those pretending to defend the sect. What will they do in the absence of a group of people who were the bravest and strongest in fighting invaders and terrorists?"

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