Iraq to start a third wave of COVID-19 epidemic, statement


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Ministry of Health and environment warned, on Thursday, of a third wave of COVID-19 that may be more severe than the previous two waves.

 The Ministry said in a statement, "The Covid-19 epidemic is still affecting people…,  the third wave began in our country, in neighboring countries and globally despite the high number of vaccinated people.” 

 The statement added, "This indicates without any doubt that people should adhere to preventive measures, even if they are vaccinated."

 The Ministry added that "the increase in infection rates in our country could led to a third wave that may be more severe than the two previous waves, which calls for taking the necessary precautions to confront it, whether by health institutions by providing all necessary preventive supplies, and by citizens with full commitment to preventive measures and taking vaccine.

The statement confirmed that the vaccine will be available in large quantities in the coming weeks.

 The ministry called on media channels and bloggers, all religious, political, and tribal community personnel and civil society organizations to "make more efforts to urge society to adhere to preventive measures and urge them to receive the vaccine because it “is the only way to deter this dangerous epidemic and reduce injuries and deaths."

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