Iraq to be prepared for a big wave of Covid-19


Shafaq News/ The crisis cell in the Iraqi parliament warned today, Thursday, of a significant increase in the number of daily Covid-19 infections.


Cell member, Riyadh Al-Masoudi, told Shafaq News agency, "The coming days, will witness a significant increase in the daily due to the failure of implementing the health measures."


Al-Masoudi stated that "the curfew is applying only to employees in official governmental departments and students, while its application does not exceed 10% throughout Iraq," warning that "the continuous high daily infected cases makes the Ministry of Health unable to handle with the problem, That is why the government is required to put urgent plans to face any upcoming big wave.”


Iraq records a remarkable daily increase in the number of infections, the latest of which was yesterday, Wednesday, as the Ministry of Health recorded 3,441 new infections, 2,439 recoveries and 57 deaths.


The number of cases in Iraq exceeded the 160 thousand, while the number of deaths exceeded 5400 deaths since the outbreak in the country.


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