Iraq's President: Iraq is at a crossroads; we have two choices


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi President Barham Salih called the political parties for talks to overcome the crisis and form a full-powered government.

Speaking at a ceremony to celebrate the Mawlid an-Nabi ash-Sharif (the birthday of Prophet Muhammad), Saleh pointed out that Iraq is at "the crossroads," either to return to internal conflicts and alignments or to unify our wills to face the challenges and meet the needs of citizens."

He added, "The continuation of the status quo is no longer acceptable…We cannot bet on the patience of the Iraqis anymore."

Saleh added that without stability, the "door would open to external interventions that have made the country a field for foreign struggles."

"I sincerely call all political forces to a serious dialogue based on the interest of the country and the citizen and to form a full-powered government to approve the budget and manage the next stage." He concluded.

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