Iraq's MoFA: Iraqi-Turkish Relations Strengthen as 850 Turkish Companies Flourish in Iraq

Iraq's MoFA: Iraqi-Turkish Relations Strengthen as 850 Turkish Companies Flourish in Iraq

Shafaq News/ During a joint press conference held in the Iraqi capital, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein and his Turkish counterpart, Hakan Fidan, underscored the deepening relationship between their countries.

Minister Hussein confirmed the upward trajectory of relations, highlighting 850 robust Turkish companies operating within Iraq.

Speaking from the premises of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, Minister Hussein expressed optimism about the positive direction of the Iraq-Turkey relationship. "I have extended an invitation to the Turkish Foreign Minister for a visit to Baghdad, and I am pleased to announce that he has accepted. We eagerly anticipate his visit," Minister Hussein stated.

Hussein emphasized the "historical, social, and cultural dimensions that bind Iraq and Turkey." He acknowledged that challenges occasionally arise in these connections but affirmed the commitment to seeking and finding solutions.

An essential outcome of the discussions was the establishment of a committee to address pressing issues, including the water crisis. Minister Hussein stressed the shared challenges climate change presents and the importance of ensuring equitable allocation for Iraq. The creation of a permanent committee to address water-related concerns was hailed as a proactive step toward securing vital resources.

The dialogue also covered critical topics such as oil exports and security matters. Minister Hussein expressed optimism about finding amicable solutions. He reiterated Iraq's constitutional stance against using its territory for attacks on neighboring countries while acknowledging discussions regarding the presence of the Turkish military in Iraq.

Economic cooperation took center stage as both ministers underscored the significance of bilateral trade relations. Discussions encompassed customs protocol management and streamlining entry procedures between the nations. Minister Hussein acknowledged the substantial population of Iraqis residing in Turkey and emphasized the need to simplify their entry processes.

Minister Hussein recognized the positive Iraqi investments in Turkey, particularly in real estate, within the economic dialogues. Prospects of a forthcoming memorandum of understanding between the nations and the anticipation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to Baghdad were also discussed, reflecting hopes for deeper economic collaboration.

Minister Hakan Fidan's official visit to the Iraqi capital marks a significant juncture in the diplomatic engagement between the two nations. His arrival at Baghdad International Airport was met with a warm reception by Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein and other high-ranking officials from the Ministry.

Furthermore, Minister Fidan's itinerary includes a visit to the Kurdistan Region, underscoring the comprehensive nature of his diplomatic mission. The constructive dialogue established during this visit is expected to lay the groundwork for bolstered economic ties and strategic partnerships between Iraq and Turkey.

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