Iraq's Foreign Minister: women represent the second half of the society


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein said that it is time for women to share the leadership of Iraq with men.

At the ceremony held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on International Women's Day, Hussain said that "a woman is a mother, a sister, and a partner in work, the homeland, and the decision making. Therefore, it is a day to honor her achievements and contributions to society."

He added, "It is time for women to contribute in management and leadership as she represents a second half in the society."

"On this international occasion, we affirm our support for women, their equality with men, non-discrimination, rejection of violence against them, ensuring their education, and active participation in managing the present and future of life."

He stressed that "empowering women is a priority for the Iraqi government by granting rights, achieving social justice, gender equality and eliminating all forms of discrimination and violence."

"I feel happy and proud when I see among the ministry's staff these wonderful women, and I look forward to seeing them in leadership positions in the ministry and our missions abroad," he said.

"Iraqi women faced certain compelling circumstances, especially their confrontation with brutal dark forces (Terrorism), and the mass killings pursued by extremism groups."

He stressed that "woman in those difficult days and still today represents courage and patience, we salute her on this occasion."

Hussein praised the Iraqi parliament's approval of the Yazidi Survivors Protection Law No. 8 of 2021,

He expressed his appreciation for the active presence of women within the White Army's cadres and their role in facing the harmful effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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