Iraq’s Foreign Minister: we need to hold internal and external talks


Shafaq News/ Iraq’s Foreign Minister, Fouad Hussein, said on Friday, the federal government needs to begin an “internal and external dialogue to control the armed factions” in Iraq.

Hussein said in an interview with the Saudi’ Al Arabiya channel is the dialogues aim also “to control the armed factions’ positions regarding relations with the United States, and the presence of foreign forces in the country.”

He considered that the armed factions’ positions “do not serve the Iraqi state,” adding that, “we need a dialogue inside and outside Iraq to control these factions.”

On the US-Iranian relations, the foreign minister stressed that they affect Iraq directly.

Regarding the parliamentary elections, the minister said that “the security situation could not be a reason for postponing the elections, “adding that “the presence of international observers in the elections is evidence of their integrity.”

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