Iraq’ President meets the Mufti of the Country


Shafaq News / The Mufti of Iraq, Mahdi Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi Al-Sumaidaie, visited President Barham Salih, at the Peace Palace (Al-Salam) in Baghdad on Wednesday.

Al-Sumaidaie’ office said in a statement the Mufti insisted the Iraqi President striving to achieve two matters to maintain the situation in Iraq and to reach safety.

He said "The first matter is to amend Article 57 of the Personal Status Law because it creates societal imbalance by depriving an important party of the custody right.” Adding that “the second matter is to issue an amnesty law and to form a legal committee for examining the amendment of Article 4 terrorism"

 On the other hand, Salih affirmed his keenness to "achieve justice, especially in the matter of amnesty."

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