Iran responds to Iraq's initiative: No pilgrims from Iran for this year


Shafaq News / The Secretary of the Central Committee of Al-Arbaeen in Iran revealed on Wednesday that even if Iraq agrees to accept visitors, the Central Committee to Combat COVID-19 will not allow pilgrims to go to Iraq. 

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi directed the approval of 1,500 pilgrims from every country whose citizens wish to fly to Iraq for Al-Arbaeen.

Ahmad Mohammadi Far, Secretary of the Central Committee for Al-Arbaeen, said in a statement reported by Fars News Agency, "we have not yet received any official announcement from the Iraqi government that the pilgrims will be accepted and an official notification is yet to be sent in this regard".

"Even if Iraq accepts the pilgrims, the National Committee to Combat Corona will not allow it and prevents any gathering or march; even heading to the borders is prohibited".

COVID-19 caseload in Iran has increased drastically early after its emergence. Iraq on the other hand was heavily influenced by this because of the strong mutual relations between the two countries. Concerns over further escalation of the situation rose as Al-Arbaeen approaches with millions of pilgrims prepare to influx to Iraq to commemorate the anniversary of Al-Arbaeen.

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