International efforts to urge the US not to close its embassy in Baghdad, Iraqi minister says


Shafaq News / The Iraqi Minister of foreign affairs, Fouad Hussein revealed that there is an international to urge the US not to close its embassy in Baghdad. 

Hussein said in an interview, "the US did not threaten to close the embassy. The attacks on Diplomatic missions and Baghdad airport caused the American administration to think of closing its embassy in Baghdad".

He added, "US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo informed the President of the Republic's concern about the frequent attacks on the Green Zone and Baghdad Airport".

The Minister pointed out that, "all Western and Arab countries are concerned about the US decision", noting that, "it will create a state of international mistrust in Iraq".

"It is the duty of the Iraqi government to protect the American embassy and other international missions. It has already taken a set of organizational and political measures", Hussein said.

"In Tehran, we explained to Iranian officials the current situation. Iran influences the Iraqi situation. We expect it to take positive steps towards Iraq".

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