International and local humanitarian organizations are absent from Diyala


Shafaq News / An Iraqi Non-governmental organization revealed, on Tuesday, that the role of international and local humanitarian organizations in Diyala Governorate has decreased during the past seven years to 10% due to corruption and the security situation.

The director of the Al-Nour Foundation - one of the most prominent Non-governmental organizations, Ahmed Al-Zubeidi told Shafaq News Agency that many humanitarian and international organizations suspended their projects in the past six years due to the unstable security situation and displacement. 

He added, “despite the security stability in Diyala for nearly three years, international and humanitarian organizations are still absent from most sectors, and even if they returned but their role was limited without any service or humanitarian projects in addition to the absence of coordination and partnership projects with local governments. "

Al-Zubeidi called for launching programs and facilities to help the people affected by war, violence and forced displacement.

It is noteworthy that international humanitarian organizations have implemented many service and social projects and programs in all regions of Diyala since the fall of the former regime in 2003.

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