Interior ministry confirms the death of Nineveh's intelligence chief


Shafaq News/ A clash between Iraqi intelligence forces and a wanted criminal in the northern city of Mosul resulted in the death of one officer and the injury of another, an official statement by Iraq's ministry of interior said on Sunday.

The incident occurred on Saturday evening when a team from the intelligence and counter-terrorism directorate in the Nineveh governorate set up an ambush near the main street on the left side of Mosul to capture a wanted criminal.

The suspect attempted to flee but was apprehended after a pursuit that resulted in the death of Brigadier Saad Hekmat al-Atrusi, the director of intelligence in Nineveh, and the injury of officer Saad Ayed Shbeib.

According to security sources, the suspect was a member of a gang involved in forging land registration documents in the area.

The incident comes amid a nationwide crackdown on organized crime and terrorism in Iraq, as security forces continue to battle extremist groups and criminal organizations across the country.

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