Intensified security measures in al-Anbar border areas with Syria in anticipation of "Potential Threat"


Shafaq News/ Security forces intensified scrutiny and security measures near the Iraqi-Syrian borders in anticipation of a "Potential Threat", a local source in al-Anbar governorate revealed.

The Commissioner of Al-Qaim district in western al-Anbar, Ahmed al-Dulaimi, told Shafaq News agency that new and strict security measures have been taken in the governorate's western regions' borders with Syria to prevent any infiltration attempts by ISIS militants.

Al-Dulaimi said, "a new thermographic camera system has been installed to monitor any possible infiltration across the borders," indicating, "these measures come against the background of recent bombings in the capital, Baghdad."

The new measures came after the security meeting that took place yesterday, Tuesday, headed by the Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Army, Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Yarallah, and security leaders at the First Division's headquarters in al-Rutba district in the far west of the country.

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