Independent MPs threaten to break quorum over "unfair" election law


Shafaq News / Independent lawmakers and emerging parliamentary blocs threatened on Sunday to break the legal quorum of the parliamentary session unless the voting paragraph on the law of elections of provincial councils is cancelled, describing it as "unfair."

"We are working to lift the voting paragraph on the law of elections of provincial councils from the agenda of today's session, and if the presidency of the parliament does not respond to our request, independent lawmakers and emerging blocs will go to break the legal quorum and not vote on this law," said independent MP Hussein Al-Sa'abri to Shafaq News agency.

He added, "the law is unfair, unjust, and marginalizes emerging movements and independents," pointing out, "the law in its current form will not restore confidence to the Iraqi voter, and our mission today is to restore confidence to our audience who did not participate in the last elections."

Al-Sa'abri emphasized, "there are many observations on the election law, including the fact that it combines provincial councils and the parliament, which is a mistake because the work of a provincial council member is service-oriented to follow up on projects, while the work of a parliament member is supervisory and legislative.

Additionally, there are many observations regarding external elections, electoral district, and the Sainte-Laguë system."

"Independent lawmakers reject the law's approval in its current form and are working to amend it and rephrase its articles", he added.

Meanwhile, the head of the parliamentary Turkmen bloc, Arshad Al-Salihi, said, "We will not allow the passage of the law of elections of provincial councils without including article 35 related to Kirkuk province. Do not repeat your approach of imposing force and wills."

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