ISIS returns to al-Qaeda-Style in Southern Saladin: An attempt for self-Assertion

ISIS returns to al-Qaeda-Style in Southern Saladin: An attempt for self-Assertion

Shafaq News / ISIS operatives are resorting to Al-Qaeda-style they adopted upon their emergence in the Iraqi arena two years after the fall of the previous regime, in an attempt to revive the organization and forcibly gain support from the residents of southern Saladin hot areas, according to observers in the governorate.

Easy Targets

Abu Munir al-Tamimi,55 years, a resident of Yathrib district, south of Saladin, stated, "Over the past three months, ISIS operations targeted the houses of officers, employees, or their relatives in remote villages far from the security presence."

He added, "this reminds me of the early emergence of Al Qaeda in 2005. Back then, it targeted anyone who belongs to the army or police or cooperates with government agencies."

"ISIS chooses easy and reliable targets. It does not dare to attack in villages and towns that are relatively secure," he explained.

Self-Assertion Attempt

The journalist, Abdul-Jabbar Mahdi, a resident of Saladin, attributed the frequent attacks against the houses of officers or government employees to some villagers' fears of cooperating with the security services. Driven by the fear of ISIS, some villagers who recently returned from displacement overlook the terrorist organization members' movements.

Mahdi confirmed in an interview with Shafaq News agency, "all ISIS targets are located in orchards far from the security forces. This makes it easier for them to reach their targets in attempts to establish their presence."

Chaotic attacks

The director of Yathrib district, Yahya Al-Azzawi, told Shafaq News, "ISIS attacks target isolated and scattered areas, which is a cowardly method that indicates that ISIS has lost its incubators in Yathrib district."

Al-Azzawi explained, "ISIS attacks in the outskirts of Yathrib and south of Saladin are chaotic. The aim of those attacks is delusional self-assertion to deceive the people who reject the existence of the terrorist organization."

Over the past several months, southern Saladin areas have witnessed several blitz night attacks, often targeting the homes of officials, officers, or government employees.

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