ISIS disappears from Saladin


Shafaq News / The Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee confirmed, on Saturday, the demise of the so-called "ISIS states (Wilayat)" in all regions of Saladin, with the exception of the security-lost strongholds between Diyala and Saladin.

A member of the committee Jasim al-Jibara told Shafaq News agency, “The terrorist states of ISIS ended in Saladin. Most of its officials were killed and fled to other governorates or outside the country,” explaining that “the current ISIS operations are limited to robbery operations run by sleeper cells.”

"The security risk in the governorate now is the sleeper cells, which require an intense intelligence effort, as well as cooperation and coordination between the security and intelligence forces and the citizens in particular," al-Jibara stressed.

He added, "The strongholds and states of ISIS are located between the borders of Diyala, Saladin and Kirkuk in the Metebije sector, which is still a center for ISIS operations and training and a point for terrorist attacks towards Diyala villages."

"ISIS is still present in the desert west of Saladin and the northwestern regions of Balad, south of the governorate, which necessitates launching new qualitative operations to end this danger and prevent ISIS from restructuring and revive the sleeping cells."

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