ICRC to deliver Iraq supplies for COVID-19


Shafaq News / medical supplies for COVID-19 patients and other relief goods has arrived in Iraq to help people fight corona virus, the Iraqi Ministry of Health and Environment said on Friday.

Meanwhile, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) - Khanaqin office, carried out health and well-being activities in Diyala, confirming the preparation of humanitarian programs in conflict areas to help people relief. 

The committee’s advisor in Diyala, Muayad Muhammad Ghafur, said that ICRC is preparing programs to support displaced north of Miqdadiyah, northeast of Diyala with psychological first aid and awareness activities to maintain hygiene and stay healthy.” 

“Visiting prisons and detention centers and following up the missing persons file are still on the go with ICRC “Ghafur added.

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