Framework expects the PUK to join it- sources


Shafaq News / The Coordination Framework said today that it expects the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to join it.

A source in the Framework told Shafaq News agency today that the PUK hinted that it will join the Framework if it fails to reach an agreement with the Kurdistan Democratic Party over a Presidential candidate.

He added that the coming days will bring major changes, especially following the Federal Supreme Court's issues its ruling on the appeals submitted against the Parliament Presidium.

For his part, MP of the PUK, Ghazi Kaka'i, told Shafaq News agency that his party is close to the Framework and the Sadrist movement at the same time, noting that the latest political developments oblige all parties to make new line-ups.

"The PUK's doors are always open for all political parties, including the KDP, but this doesn't mean that we changed our Presidential candidate. We confirm and renew our support for our candidate (Barham Salih)", he added.

Kaka'i indicated that the decision to form new alliances is only taken by the Party's council, and the possibility of joining the Coordination Framework is nothing but some of the party's members' opinions until the moment.

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