Four ISIS militants killed in an airstrike in Diyala


Shafaq News/ Four members of the ISIS extremist group have been killed in an airstrike near the Hemrin lake in Diyala, Iraq's Security Media Cell (SMC) reported on Saturday.

SMC said in a statement that the Iraqi Airforce, per "valuable information" provided by the Federal Intelligence Agency, managed to strike and destroy a hideout that belongs to the terrorist organization near the Hemrin lake inside the territory of Diyala's Operations Command.

The Iraqi Airforce's F-16 fighter jets carried out two airstrikes in the area, killing three terrorists immediately.

"Afterwards, a joint force from the Federal Intelligence Agency and the first division of Diyala's Operations Command proceeded with a search campaign in the area and managed to kill a fourth terrorist after exchanging fire," the SMC said.

The statement said the attack resulted in destroying three motorcycles, some explosive devices, barrels containing explosive material, and a hideout.

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