Enlisting the new food security bill on the parliament's agenda stirs controversy


Shafaq News/ A lawmaker of the Coordination Framework, Faisal al-Naeli, expressed discontent with enlisting the "new" emergency food security bill on the parliament's agenda without presenting it to the members of the parliamentary finance committee.

"The Coordination Framework did not look into the new bill deferred by the rapporteur of the parliamentary finance committee to the parliament presidium. Is it any different from the bill deferred by the government?" al-Naeli told Shafaq News Agency.

"After the bill's presentation today, the Coordination Framework will have a say on it. We will express a reservation on not presenting the bill to the members of the committee prior to its deferral to the parliament presidium."

"Deferring the bill this fast raises big question marks," he added.

"The lawmakers affiliated with the Coordination Framework will attend the session tomorrow," the lawmaker continued, "there will be no boycott."

Yesterday, the parliamentary finance committee deferred an alternative for the emergency bill on food security presented by the government.

The latter was revoked by the Federal Supreme Court after a complaint filed by legislator Bassem Khashan.

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