Diyala to build Iraq's largest bridge


Shafaq News/ The governorate of Diyala proceeded with building a bridge that is slated to be the longest in Iraq, linking the villages of the Hemrin Basin with the Kurdistan region and the Iranian borders.

"The bridge overarches the lake of Hemrin. It seeks to replace the land road that floods when the lake's water stage rises during the rain season," the head of Diyala's roads and bridges directorate, Hani Ghazi, told Shafaq News Agency. 

"The bridge runs for more than three kilometers and will link the Hemrin Basin with the Kalar road that leads to the Kurdistan region and al-Muntheriyah border-crossing with Iran," he said, "it will roughly cost 62 billion dinars. The estimated completion duration is 1,100 days."

"The project will be implemented under the supervision of the directorate of bridges and roads," he added, "it will be a strategic bridge for Diyala and the longest in Iraq."

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