Diyala launched an operation to secure Al-Abbarah, a high-ranking security source revealed


Shafaq News/ A high-ranking security source in Diyala said today, Tuesday, that a comprehensive campaign has been launched in the areas of Al-Abbarah sub-district, 30 km northeast of Baqubah, to curb the attacks and security incidents that have been taking place in the area for several years.

The source told Shafaq News agency that the security leaders and Diyala governorate administration launched an operation to reinforce the security points and fixed and mobile patrols, and improve the armament of the forces stationed in Al-Abbarah areas to counter any possible attacks by ISIS members and confront any security emergency.

He stressed that the security formations began constructing the earth mounds and uncovering the dense areas that obscure the monitoring of the movements of terrorist members and groups to ultimately protect the towns and villages from attacks against civilians or security forces.

Observers dubbed the areas of al-Abbarah and Al-Waqf basin extending between the two sub-districts of Abu Saida and Al-Abbarah as "blood hotspot" due to the large number of incidents and armed attacks carried out by ISIS, clan conflicts or underlying political conflicts.

In a previous interview with Shafaq News agency, the mayor of Baqubah, Abdullah Al-Hayali, attributed the security turmoil and instability in Al-Abbarah areas to the presence of ISIS members in the orchards and agricultural villages in association with the gangs seeking to create social discord for to serve their agendas.

Al-Abbarah is considered one of the hot areas that has been witnessing continuous attacks and security incidents over the past years due to its rugged topography and vast area.

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