Diyala council fails to hold first session

Diyala council fails to hold first session

Shafaq News/ For the third time, the new Diyala Provincial Council failed to hold its first session due to the lack of quorum.

On Sunday, Turki al-Atbi, the council's eldest member, called in for a late-night meeting, hoping to overcome the persistent divisions, but to no avail.

Shafaq News Agency correspondent reported that only six out of 15 members attended the session.

Last night, security forces in Diyala Governorate imposed strict security measures in the governorate center, blocking several main streets before the scheduled session.

Earlier, insiders revealed to Shafaq News that rival blocs contemplated swapping their nominations for government posts as they struggled to secure the absolute majority needed to finalize the council's structure.

They explained that the Asaib Ahl-Haq, Al-Asas, and Azm blocs are steadfast in not supporting the renewal of former Diyala governor Muthanna Al-Tamimi, who is aligned with Badr.

Two dominant factions – one holding eight seats, the other seven – are locked in a stalemate, unable to muster the necessary votes to move forward.

Since the announcement of the election results, political forces in Baghdad have reportedly tried to interfere, with figures like Badr Organization leader Hadi al-Amiri attempting, unsuccessfully, to broker a solution.

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