Diyala: +350 families left their hometowns in the aftermath of the sectarian violence


Shafaq News/ More than 350 families have been displaced from the villages of al-Miqdadiyah in the aftermath of the sectarian violence in the district.

A source in Diyala's displacement directorate told Shafaq News Agency on Friday, "200 families have displaced from the village of Nahr Imam, 55 from al-Ameriyah, 69 from the first and the second al-Mithaq villages, and 25 from al-Rashad village."

"The displaced families settled in Baquba, Hemrin, and other villages," the source added.

Many campaigns have been launched to aid and relieve the families that left their hometowns after the two bloody incidents.

Diyala's Tuesday was riddled with two bloody attacks that resurrected the memories of sectarian conflict in the ethnically and religiously diverse governorate in 2006-2007.

On Tuesday evening, a group of ISIS terrorists abducted three persons in exchange for ransom. However, after killing the abductees, the group ambushed their relatives on a road leading to the exchange site and showered with bullets and mortar shells after blowing a series of explosive devices. At least fifteen persons were injured in the attack that ended up with fourteen persons dead.

In the aftermath of the attack, a group of unidentified assailants waged a retaliatory attack on the nearby Sunni Nahr Imam village, killing and injuring scores of unarmed civilians and burning the only Healthcare facility in the village, a mosque, and many cars and properties.

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