Dhi Qar Governor discloses the results of al-Hussein hospital fire investigation


Shafaq News/ The governor of Dhi Qar disclosed today the results of Al-Hussein Hospital fire.

Ahmed Al-Khafaji said in a press conference held today that the committee in charge of the investigation reached important results, indicating that the accident was due to an electrical malfunction in a ventilator.

Al-Khafaji noted that closing the back door of the hospital led to an increase in the number of victims, blaming the governorate's health department and the Ministry of Health for what happened, especially since it is not the first accident caused by a defective device.

Al-Khafaji indicated that the judiciary will step in, noting that 19 arrest warrants had been issued against "negligent people".

On July 12, at least 60 people were killed in a massive fire that broke out in al-Hussein Hospital in Nasiriyah.

Three officials were subsequently arrested; the director of the Dhi Qar health department, the director of the hospital, and the director of civil defense in the governorate.

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