Covid-19: More than 4000 new cases in Iraq today


Shafaq News/ Iraq registered, on Monday 4044 new cases to take its total to 430678, the health ministry said.

It reported 63 fatalities to take its coronavirus death toll to 10317.

It also reported 3055 recoveries to take its total to 363532 (84.4%).

The COVID-19 intensive care patients count to 442.

Baghdad/ Al-Karkh still lead Iraq in the daily average number of new infections (835) and recoveries (730) reported, while Al-Sulaymaniyah leads the fatality toll with 16 deaths.

Two governorates recorded today no fatalities, Al-Anbar (the second no fatality day) and Saladin.

Iraq faces the same dilemma as much of the world - whether to ease restrictions to help economic activity, or maintain a lockdown to avoid the virus’s spread.

Authorities recently lifted the curfew; the World Health Organization says Iraq should maintain a lockdown.

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