Covid-19: Iraq records about 1600 new cases today, ranks the 1st  in the Arab World, 40th globally


Shafaq News/ On Friday, Iraq recorded 1603 new cases of Covid-19 to bring its total to 2,299,767, the Ministry of Health and Environment said.

It reported 17 deaths. Its coronavirus death toll reached 24,948.

It also reported 2659 recoveries to bring its total to 2,236,225 (97.2%).

The COVID-19 intensive care patients count to 170.

Duhok recorded the highest number of infections (268).

So far, the Ministry of Health and Environment has conducted 17,938,912 tests in all governorates.

9,854,265 people have been vaccinated so far

It is worth noting that Iraq ranks 1st in the Arab world and 40th place globally.

According to the Reuters Covid-19 tracker, 43 infections per 100K people were reported last 7 days.

The average number of new infections reported each day in Iraq falls by more than 5,500 over the last 3 weeks, 47% of its previous peak.

During the last week reported, Iraq averaged about 41,049 doses administered each day. At that rate, it will take a further 192 days to administer enough doses for another 10% of the population.

Iraq has administered at least 16,507,035 doses of COVID vaccines so far. Assuming every person needs 2 doses, that’s enough to have vaccinated about 21% of the country’s population.

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