Covid-19:700+ thousand deaths and about 19 million cases worldwide


Shafaq News / Covid-19 cases increased on Wednesday in all countries of the world to 18,722,090, while the number of deaths rose to 704,674, and the number of those who recovered reached 11,936,764.

 The United States of America ranks first with  4,918,770 cases, and 160,318 fatalities and 2,482,899 recoveries.

 In the second place, Brazil came with 2,808,076 cases, 96,096 deaths and 1,970,767 cases of recovery.

 In third place, India came and recorded 1,910,681 cases, 39,856 deaths and 1,282,917 recoveries.

 Fourth, Russia recorded 866,627 cases, 14,490 deaths, 669,026 recoveries

, South Africa ranked fifth with a total of Cases of 521,318 and 8,884 deaths, 363,751 recoveries.

 The sixth county is Mexico, then  Peru followed by Chile, Spain, Colombia, and Iran and Britain.

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