Coordination Framework to discuss Barzani's initiative later today


Shafaq News/ The forces of the Coordination Framework are set to hold a new round of talks to deliberate the initiative launched by the Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani to breakdown the deadlock and address the strained ties between the leader of the Sadrist movement and the consortium of Iraqi Shiite political forces opposing the October 10 election results.

The meeting comes less than a week of a decisive parliamentary session during which a president will be elected and a prime minister-designate will be appointed.

"The Coordination Framework's meeting on Monday was fruitless because the Kurdish leader's initiative was not entirely materialized back then. A sequel of the meeting was scheduled for the next day to agree upon specific terms that will form the bulk of the contract with the Sadrist movement. Once both sides sign the contract, the impasse will be broken, and a government will be formed smoothly."

"The meeting will touch upon guarantees that al-Sadr will abide by the agreement. If they were not approved, they will be annexed to the items of the Kurdish initiative. i.e. the ball will be in the court of the coalition forming the government."

"If al-Sadr refuses, the Coordination Framework forces will take the opposition side. It is a call the Coordination Framework leaders shall make," the source said.

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