Coordination Framework launches an initiative to overcome the current crisis: opposition right is preserved

Coordination Framework launches an initiative to overcome the current crisis: opposition right is preserved

Shafaq News/ The Coordination Framework of the Shiite forces revealed on Wednesday its political initiative to overcome the political crisis that hit the country after the October 10 election.

A statement of the Shiite forces Consortium said that initiative reflects the Framework's commitment to maintain the political and security stability in the country, push the political process forward, correct its tracks, control the crisis, defuse it, and overcome it with minimal losses, "in order to meet the people's aspirations for reform and services, address corruption, and provide a decent livelihood for its citizens of all components."

According to the statement, the initiative aims to help Iraq "escape the stifling crisis into a space of understanding and national interaction between the political forces and parties that represent the various components, and materialize a unified and coherent national vision that will be a bridge to bypass the current stage and contribute to building a capable state serving the people."

The items of the initiative as mentioned in the statement:

"First: Addressing the imbalance in Parliament by finding real remedies to ensure that laws and legislation are not enacted or changed or revoked singlehandedly.

Second: The political opposition is a guaranteed right of the willing forces. The forces wishing to participate in the formation of the government must announce this in advance and bear the responsibility for the performance of their representatives in the executive authority.

Third: The three presidencies are subject to the agreement of the political forces, taking into account the prevailing constitutional custom.

Fourth: A consensus shall be reached on supporting the legislation that addresses basic problems, raises the economic level, fights corruption, and preserves the Iraqi cultural identity.

Fifth: The government program shall include the following:

Achieving complete sovereignty, fighting corruption, addressing unemployment, providing services, raising the economic level, finding a way to control the value of the dollar, activating industry and agriculture, solving the water crisis, and raising the level of capabilities of the Iraqi military forces, especially the air defense and army aircraft.

Sixth: Preserving the Popular Mobilization, raising its capabilities, and completing its structures in accordance with the law in force.

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