Coordination Framework initiates an effort to define a formula to choose candidates for the state leaders


Shafaq News/ The Coordination Framework is leading an effort to establish a formula to choose the candidates for the state's top positions, leading figure in the State of Law Coalition Gatah al-Rikabi said on Saturday.

Al-Rikabi said on Saturday that the Shiite forces consortium assembled a committee that will hold meetings with the influential political forces in the country.

"The committee has already met with the leaders of the Azm alliance," al-Ribaki said, "it will hold meetings with Takaddom, the Kurdish parties, and the Sadrist movement soon."

"These meetings are an introduction for the formation of an alliance after the issuance of the Supreme Federal Court's ruling and the ratification of the election results."

"The movement towards the political forces now aims to find a consensual formula to choose the President of the Republic, Prime Minister, and Parliament Speaker," he concluded.

Earlier, the Coordination Framework said that a group of lists and independent MPs from outside the consortium had joined their assembly, which boosts their negotiating power.

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