Coordination Framework disowns its self-proclaimed "Minister"


Shafaq News/ The Coordination Framework on Saturday denied ties to an account named "the Framework's minister" that claims to convey the Shiite forces' consortium on social media.

The Coordination Framework said in an official press release that "the account is fake and the Framework bears no relation to it."

The press release endorsed statements made by the leading figure in the Coordination Framework, Ali al-Fatlawi, to Shafaq News Agency who accused the administrators of this account of inciting strife and creating friction with the Sadrist movement.

"The Framework's Minister", whose name loosely resembles that of the notorious Mohammad Salih al-Iraqi (the Leader's Minister), an anonymous person who is widely believed to be al-Sadr's mouthpiece, has been active on social media for weeks now. It claims to represent the political views of the leaders of the Coordination Framework.

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