Commission of Integrity thwarts a "Grand Operation" to appropriate lands in Najaf


Shafaq News/ The Federal Commission for Integrity foiled a "Grand Operation" to falsify the documents of Real Estates valued at tens of billions of dinars in Najaf.

In a statement issued earlier today, Monday, the Investigations department in the Commission said that it seized manipulated valuation documents of 135 lands in special locations in the city. 

The manipulated documents seized in the Municipality headquarters were appended by the signature of the culprits, four employees, who pushed towards the issuance of those documents.

The statement said that the value of the lands recovered by the Municipality and the Governorate is valued at a total of 20 billion dinars.

The arrestees, along with seized documents, were presented before the Investigation Magistrate to ratify their statements and proceed with the legal measures.

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