Coalition assisting the establishment of joint Army-Peshmerga forces in the disputed territory 


Shafaq News/ The U.S.-led Coalition is working to establish joint forces from the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army in the territories disputed between Iraq and Kurdistan.

Center Director/Deputy Military Advisor Group-Iraq (MAG-I) for the Kurdistan Region, Colonel David Williams, said today, Saturday, "It's very important to coordinate actions in those disputed areas, and we are also seeing a bit more joint operations take place with Iraqis and the Kurds to try to neutralize these Daesh [ISIS] threats and clear some of these areas and close the gaps along those areas," he said.

Williams elaborated that the coalition is now also working to assist in the establishment of joint force brigades, consisting of both the Iraqi army and Peshmerga forces, to fill in security gaps.

The plan would be to eventually get these joint force brigades into these "disputed areas and go after the final remnants of Daesh," he said. 

Williams said that ISIS has reorganized its forces in Diyala and northeast Syria, Holding the Shiite forces aligned with Iran responsible for distracting the Coalition's efforts to fight ISIS. 

Williams accused the "Outlaw Militias" of harassing the Sunni locals, prompting them to join ISIS, deeming the attacks they launch to distract the Coalition "useless".

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