Children die of Covid-19 in Iraq, Health Official


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Ministry of Health and environment warned, on Monday of the new strain of coronavirus identified in the United Kingdom, because it seems more severe.

 Haitham Al-Obeidi, a Health official at the Ministry said to Al-Sabah Newspaper, "the new variant of coronavirus is more dangerous for children and young people,” adding that “in the past two days we have recorded deaths among infants under a year old, with extensive lung damage. "

Al-Obeidi stated, "85 percent of people who are infected show no or only mild symptoms,”

On Pfizer vaccine distribution, Ministry spokesman Seif Al-Badr told the Al-Sabah that "the Ministry of Health will announce the procedures for distributing the Vaccine in Baghdad and the other governorates, either in public hospitals or primary health care centers."

So far, Iraq recorded 667,937 cases, 13,272 deaths and 618,509 recoveries.

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