Child loses three toes for a landmine from the 1980s in Diyala


Shafaq News/ A child sustained several injuries in different parts of his body due to a landmine from the remnants of the Iraqi-Iranian that dates back to the 80s of the past century, a local official in Diyala reported on Saturday.

The administrator of al-Qazaniyah sub-district, Mazen Akram, told Shafaq News Agency that the child, 15 years, lost three toes and suffered three other wounds in the blast near the Iranian borders.

"The child was transferred to a nearby hospital for medical care," he said, "he was leaving his house to tend his cattle when the incident occurred."

The borders of Diyala with Iran are abundant with landmine sites, ten in al-Qazaniyah and three in Mandali. Those sites have been labeled uncharted territories for 30 years. Financial and technical hurdles continue to impede the efforts to clear them.

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