Candidate receives offers to withdraw from the elections in favor of other "competitors"


Shafaq News/ A candidate for the upcoming Iraqi elections in Nineveh revealed that he had received two offers to sell his candidacy to a "competitor".

 The candidate told Shafaq News Agency's reporter that he recently received two offers by a former deputy in the Iraqi parliament, in exchange for selling his votes to other candidates, noting that the first offer included a large sum of money in exchange for directing voters to elect him and withdrawing "because his chances of winning are very low."

 According to the candidate, who preferred to remain anonymous, "a former MP offered him a huge sum of money amounting to the price of a luxury residential house."

"The second offer was from someone holding a government position, and stipulates directing citizens to vote for the offer maker."

 The candidate confirmed that he rejected both offers, and said, "the opportunity for independent candidates to win is almost impossible in these elections."

 Political observers warn of the impact of "political money and unrestricted arms" on the parliamentary elections.

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