CF's participation in the Presidential vote is uncertain-MP


Shafaq News/ A leading figure of the Coordination Framework (CF) on Saturday said that the participation of the Shiite consortium in the presidential vote is contingent upon the outcomes of the talks with the Sadrist movement.

Speaking to Shafaq News Agency, lawmaker Ahmed al-Mousawi said, "so far, the Framework have not decided whether it will participate in the session called to elect a president or not. It is contingent on the outcomes of the talks with Muqtada al-Sadr."

"If a conclusive agreement over the government formation was reached, we will. If it went the otherwise, we will not be a part of the session," he elaborated.

The Iraqi parliament has set March 25 as a date for the session during which a new president of the republic will be elected.

According to a brief press release by the bureau of the Iraqi Parliament Speaker, Mohammad al-Halboosi, the legislative body is invited to elect a president on March 26.

Earlier this month, the parliament rolled a list of 40 candidates vying for the post of the Iraqi presidency. Five members were deemed eligible for the race.

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