CF might give up on al-Sudani in the dialogue called in by al-Kadhimi tomorrow-sources


Shafaq News/ The Coordination Framework (CF), a consortium of mainly Iran-backed Shiite political forces, are gearing up for "the national dialogue" called in by the Iraqi caretaker Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, multiple sources reported on Tuesday, hinting at potential premiership alternatives for Mohammed Shiyaa al-Sudani. 

The sources agreed that the outcomes of the meeting called in by al-Kadhimi will be decisive for the Coordination Framework's efforts to form a new government. 

"The Coordination Framework and its allies will put forth multiple scenarios to resolve the current situation and overcome the impasse," a source said, "however, this is contingent upon the other forces willingness to get over the disagreements and start an actual dialogue."

"The Coordination Framework might consider alternatives for Mohammed Shiyaa al-Sudani if it is needed. Haidar al-Abadi and Abdul-Hussein Abtan are top contenders," a source said.

"If the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, approves the outcomes of tomorrow's meeting, the dilemmas will be resolved smoothly and the rival parties will be treated according to their respective political and electoral weight," a source added.

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