CF leaders convene at al-Ameri's residence to settle internal disagreements


Shafaq News/ The leaders of the Coordination Framework will contemplate dispatching a delegation to al-Hannana, the headquarters of rival powerful Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, in a meeting at Hadi al-Ameri's residence in Baghdad on Monday.

"The meeting that began earlier today proceeded with discussing the political situation in Iraq and holding a parliamentary session to elect a new president of the republic and name a prime minister," a source told Shafaq News Agency on Monday.

"The leaders of the Coordination Framework will issue a joint statement later in the afternoon," the source added.

Shafaq News Agency knew from multiple sources that the leaders of the mainly Iran-backed Shiite consortium have been at loggerheads over naming a new head of the government. While Hadi al-Ameri and Haidar al-Abadi incline to back Mustafa al-Kadhimi for a second tenure, Nouri al-Maliki, along with Qais al-Khazali and Ammar al-Hakim, insist on Mohammad Shiyaa al-Sudani as their sole candidate for the post.

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