Blaming the "election results conspiracy", Kata'ib Hezbollah condemns Diyala's attack


Shafaq News/ Kata'ib Hezbollah, an Iran-backed Shiite faction, lambasted the terrorist attack that took place in al-Miqdadiyah yesterday, Tuesday, warning of a strife that the Sunni will bear its brunt before the Shiite.

In a statement issued earlier today, Wednesday, Kata'ib Hezbollah said, "al-Miqdadiya's heinous crime against our people from Bani Tamim is connected to the fraud conspiracy," stressing, "the source of the fire must be responded to."

"Day after day, the filthy ISIS, the Zionist-American-Saudi axis's creation, proves that it is a tool for blowing sectarian poisons under the auspices of internal political parties and nurturing environment, which requires a response to the center of the fire, not its periphery."

"The timing of the heinous al-Miqdadiyah crime against our people from bani Tamim confirms its connection to the fraud conspiracy. It is a message to subjugate the forces that refuse stealing the people's will and votes."

The statement called for "a brave stance to cut off the head of the snake and those who feed its movements to stir up sedition among the same people, the strife that our Sunni siblings have were burnt by its fire before the Shiite."

Kata'ib Hezbollah called for "bolstering the security and military action, especially the forces that have proven their ability to confront and crush ISIS gangs, to ensure that the tragedy would not be repeated."

"It is impossible to remain silent about the bloodshed our people are exposed to," the statement concluded, calling for "an action that deters sedition and the people behind it."

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