Bassem Khashan responds to al-Muthanna governor's statements

Bassem Khashan responds to al-Muthanna governor's statements

Shafaq News/ The political Activist, Bassem Khashan, responded to the televised statements of al-Muthanna governor, Ahmed Manfi.

Khashan said in a statement to Shafaq News Agency, "Manfi's recent escalation against me aims to deviate the demonstrations demanding his dismissal and picturing it as a personal issue between himself and mine."

He added, "the shreds of evidence in my possession refute the statements he made yesterday."

"The governor filed a lawsuit against me accusing me of throwing stones at him in a demonstration in which the demonstrators attacked him," he indicated, "the lawsuit was transferred to Najaf court after I was acquitted by al-Muthanna's Court of Appeal."

"The governor dropped the litigation on the advice of a solicitor, only not to lose the same lawsuit twice."

"The governor disbursed 20 billion dinars to fraud contractors in al-Muthanna Health Directorate to buy useless expensive devices that the governorate would not benefit from."

Al-Muthanna Governor, Ahmed Manfi, lashed out at the Activist Khashan and his sibling in a TV show yesterday. Manfi said that Khashan was convicted in a lawsuit he filed against him. However, General Amnesty cleared him. 

Manfi also accused Khashan's brother of appropriating 180million dinars from the provincial council of al-Muthanna and fleeing to Germany.

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