Baghdad's tripartite summit proposes solutions to the country's crises


Shafaq News / The three Iraqi presidencies and leaders of political blocs called to adopt economic reform as a necessary solution to the crises afflicting the country, confirming their support for continuing dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil.

A joint statement issued after the meeting said, "A meeting was held in the Government Palace in Baghdad today, between the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, Speaker of Parliament, and leaders of political blocs," adding that the parties discussed the current developments, the federal budget, and the outstanding problems between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

The meeting confirmed support for government measures to achieve economic reform in the federal budget law draft for the fiscal year 2021, in a manner that guarantees solutions to fortify the economy.

The statement added that the conferees expressed support for continuing the dialogue between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to solve the outstanding problems.

The statement noted that Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, presented the government's comprehensive national dialogue initiative to prepare the political, security and social environment, conduct fair elections, and protect them from violations.

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