Baghdad, Erbil discuss future prospects for Iraq's tourism sector


Shafaq News / Head of the Federal Tourism Authority, Dhafir Mehdi Abdullah, discussed with the President of the Kurdistan Tourism Authority, Amal Jalal, the importance of the tourism sector and its future prospects in Iraq.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Tourism, the two sides discussed, "ways to develop this vital sector, which is an important resource after the energy sector, as well as ways to enhance cooperation between the federal tourism authorities and Kurdistan region and attract foreign tourists."

The meeting shed light on ways to enhance tourism cooperation between Baghdad and Erbil, and agreed on a plan that includes coordination, follow-up of activities, and tourism cooperation.

Abdullah stressed the importance of the tourism sector, confirming the authority's pursuit of cooperation and joint work with the private sector, represented by tourism companies and facilities, in order to revive the tourism sector in the Kurdistan region and Iraq in general.

He also emphasized "the necessity of overcoming all obstacles and challenges that hinder the work of the tourism sector, in order to make Iraq a destination for millions of tourists from around the world", calling on Iraqi tourism companies to "attract foreign tourists."

For her part, the President of the Kurdistan Tourism Authority praised "the continuous progress at the global level in the field of tourism", pointing to "the role of the authority in the tourism strategy development committee, in the field of developing a sustainable competitive tourism sector."

She confirmed that the mountains, waterfalls, and fresh springs of Kurdistan, as well as its civilization and desert tourism in the western regions of Iraq, religious and archaeological tourism in the south, are welcoming all Iraqis and those who wish to find new tourism experiences, such as winter tourism, mountain climbing, and more."

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