An Iraqi soldier was killed in an ISIS attack east of Saladin


Shafaq News / An Iraqi soldier was killed and another was wounded in an ISIS attack on army points on the outskirts of Tuz Khurmatu district, east of Saladin.

The PMF spokesman, Ali al-Husseini, told Shafaq News Agency that ISIS attacked the Iraqi Army's points in the village of Halawa, 30 km west of Tuz Khurmatu within the Zerka sector, which killed a soldier and wounded another.

The Army Forces responded to the attackers by launching a manhunt and search campaign to pursue the terrorist organization members. He said.

It’s noteworthy that the uninhabited areas in the outskirts of Zerka are considered ISIS strongholds due to their dense jungles, which have turned into shelters and platforms to target the security forces.

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