An Iraqi party refuses dividing Diyala into two electoral districts


Shafaq News / The National Movement for Development and Reform party, headed by Jamal Al-Karboli, announced on Friday its refusal to divide Diyala into two electoral districts, and merging Al-Miqdadiyah district with Bald Ruz, in the new election law.

In a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, the party considered the proposals, "an attempt to circumvent the new election bill and the will of the demonstrators who are calling for multiple electoral districts".

The statement emphasized, "the importance and diversity of Diyala governorate, which makes it coveted by many political forces".

The party stressed the need for political forces to take into consideration the interests of Diyala's residents, and their right to have fair political representation and stand against any attempt to undermine their rights.

Furthermore, the party held the political blocs, Sunni ones in particular, "the responsibility for ignoring the rights and interests of voters in the districts and suburbs of Diyala.

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