Allawi addresses the Electoral Commission in a letter


Shafaq News/ The National Coalition led by Iyad Allawi announced today that it had sent two memoranda to the Independent High Electoral Commission, that included observations and notes, noting that the latter did not respond.

 A statement issued by the coalition said, "all current indicators do not predict fair elections that will be the beginning of a new political era that unites the people and eliminates negative manifestations and manipulation of the principles of democracy," noting, "the Commission closes its eyes and ears to all observations and advice that are offered to correct  the democratic path in the country."

The statement added, "There is a large number of displaced people away from their election centers", warning of the decision of abolishing voting abroad, which will deprive about seven million Iraqis of voting."

 The coalition also reiterated the need to seek the assistance of another company to examine and audit the biometric devices and evaluate them. 

 The coalition made observations about means related to counting and sorting, laws, regulations and mechanisms, and the necessity of announcing the results in each polling center after closing it at night, in addition to granting the appropriate powers that enable office managers to perform better and allowing them to open, move or split polling stations in a way that helps voters in access to centers and regions.

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