Al-Sudani to replace incumbent governors after a systemic assessment


Shafaq News/ Iraq's Prime Minister Mohammad Shia al-sudani will be bringing change to the upper echelons of the local authorities in the governorates of Iraq, a leading figure in the Coordination Framework revealed on Saturday.

"Backed by the Coordination Framework, Prime Minister al-Sudani is considering an assessment for the performance of incumbent governors in a bid to achieve complementarity with his cabinet's integrated vision for governance," the Coordination Framework's Fadi al-Shammari told Shafaq News Agency.

"The changes should be made after a systemic and periodic assessments of all the governor," he added, "governors under al-Sudani's government will be granted a vast range of powers for an optimal discharge of their constitutional duties and adequate administration of the governorates."

Recently, the new prime minister issued a series of decrees that astonished the Iraqi politicians. Beside scrapping the financial allocations dedicated to his own office, al-Sudani withdrew all the security officers assigned to the former presidents, parliament speakers, and prime ministers, and closed Baghdad's embassies in twenty countries where Iraq has no nationals residing there.

Yesterday, a military commander said that force in charge of the security of former prime minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi was ordered to withdraw from the vicinity of his residence inside Baghdad's ultra-secure Green Zone. However, only a few troops have complied with the order

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