Al-Sudani mediates resolution for return of KDP to Kirkuk

Al-Sudani mediates resolution for return of KDP to Kirkuk

Shafaq News / A knowledgeable source revealed on Friday that Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani has intervened to resolve the issue of the Kurdistan Democtratic Party's return to its headquarters in Kirkuk. He has instructed security forces to vacate the premises and implement the orders.

Speaking to Shafaq News Agency, the source noted that there is a political and governmental agreement to evacuate the KDP's offices in Kirkuk, led by the Joint Operations Command, with the aim of peacefully resolving the crisis.

The source added that "Prime Minister al-Sudani has ordered the execution of the evacuation order, reopening political offices to engage in political activities, and ending any escalation beyond the legal and peaceful framework."

Meanwhile, a member of the political bureau of the Turkmen "People's" Party, Mohammed Irfan Kirkuki, stated to Shafaq News Agency, "those leading and organizing the protests are individuals who are paid and motivated from outside Kirkuk and belong to entities seeking to tear apart the social fabric within the province."

He continued by saying, "Kirkuk has coexisted among its components and parties, but external and remote interventions have disrupted this harmony," considering the return of the KDP as a "dignity for Kirkuk's residents." He acknowledged the significant role played by the party in maintaining security and combating the threat of ISIS through coordination with national forces in the province.

Kirkuki called on the residents of the province to "distance themselves from divisive agendas attempting to impose their interests on a city that has peacefully coexisted for decades," emphasizing that "there were no problems between Kirkuk's components, and some are trying to sow discord."

The Kirkuk-Erbil main road remains closed to traffic for several days by protesters in objection to the decision to evacuate the KDP's headquarters by the Joint Operations Command. Demonstrators in tents on the road have not withdrawn despite calls from security authorities and political mediators.

It's worth noting that the Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by Masoud Barzani, had vacated its political offices and institutions in Kirkuk following the military operation conducted by the federal government in disputed areas between Erbil and Baghdad, after the independence referendum held by the Kurdistan Region in September 2017, which led to the withdrawal of Peshmerga and Asayish forces from these areas.

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